How do I code an item in Lex Talionis to allow the user to attack up to 3 targets within range with the attack per turn?

I would like to put Boomerangs in my Fire Emblem Lex Talionis game, a ranged weapon class that deals very little damage but can allow you to throw your boomerang at up to 3 enemies per turn.

You move into position, select an enemy within range and attack, select another enemy within range and attack, and then select a third enemy within range and attack, or you can end your turn after the first attack. If it works that way, it will work as intended.

I’ve been experimenting blindly with ways it might work, and I’ve found zero success with each attempt.

So far the only method I’ve found for coding the Boomerang that shows some success is that if I program the item to allow multi-targeting, I can target up to 3 enemies or the same enemy multiple time and then attack. However in that instance targeting the same enemy multiple times does nothing. And the character only throws his boomerang once, dealing damage to the selected enemies at the same time.

If anybody knows more about the engine than me and anyone I’ve asked for help so far, your help would be very appreciated. I’ll even put your name in my fangame’s credits if you want.

Probably have to modify the engine for a way to return to the target selection state with a variable set for how many targets/ending turn after.

A hackier way without modifying the engine would be to make it set move to 0 and refresh the turn up to a certain amount with a counter. Idk how you’d force the player to not just go to a different unit and abuse the mechanism though