How Do I add characters/ Overwrite old chracters with new ones

I Just want to add Characters from other FE Roms onto the one I am using now (Sacred Stones)

Well… what are you using to try and do this, Febuilder?

Yeah, of course

Ah, alright, just checking.

so you got anything?

Adding characters from other Fe roms onto Sacred stones is pretty simple, depending on how much you want to transfer over.

I.e just changing the character’s name, description and mug.

Edit: Added an example image

I’m not sure if you meant characters from other FeGba games or rom hacks.

oh damn, thanks man this is much easier than I thought, thats legit all I needed

You’re welcome.

Pardon for my bumping of this thread but my question is the same as op.

How do I go about adding new characters instead? I don’t want to replace existing characters for my hack. For this purpose say I want to add FE7 Hector to FE8.

You can do a few things

  1. by installing the ExModularSave patch in builder you can safely extend the character slots iirc however this isn’t recommended as there is an easier method.
  2. edit over an unused character slot, iirc most slots labeled “enemy” are unused. Along with that, any characters who only appear in cutscenes don’t need their character slot as they just load up the character portrait so as long as that’s not edited over you’re fine.
  3. bite the bullet and replace a creature campaign character or something.

hope this helps

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I already did option 1, installed the patch but there is no “Data Expansion” button at the bottom on Character Editor like on the Class or Item editor. Could there be something wrong with the patch?

You have to go through the settings of FEBuilder to enable it. If I understand correctly the expanding used to be incredibly dangerous in the past but is now much more safe

There is no character expansion :frowning:

Well there reason I’m adamant about adding new char is because when I wanna playthrough the hack, I’d most probably meet this “replaced” Hector in some way and it’d look weird.

@Hartmut there are loads of character slots, you don’t have to replace an existing character. As long as it’s not over 80, playable characters cannot be over 80 if I’m not mistaken.

Also, you can literally copy paste in febuilder. Just open up an fe7 rom, copy the character you want, and then open up an fe8 rom and paste the character in. Although do note that you will have to change name, description, portrait, animation, etc manually.

as Jack_G just said, also don’t worry about it looking weird or anything, a character slot is just that, a slot. As long as there is no hardcoding attached to them like the pegasus knights then they’re the same as any other character, just load them in as a player unit that joins the party and you’re set.