How did you choose your username?

Thought a lot about the old forum days in a decade that has long passed and remembered how we always had active threads about simple but just-as-complicated-at-times questions like these. So I figured I’d ask lurkers because it’s a fun and intriguing question.
How did you stick with the username you use online? I guess this wouldn’t mean much for people who use something different each site, but you’re here, so… Was it an arbitrary choice? Or does your online name hold any strange meaning to something?


I just liked letsplays and made a channel for them on youtube long before actually making any. And then I just started using LPFan everywhere to have one singular identity(Some sites have diffrent names tho)

I’ve had this username since I was pretty young (and not very creative). I liked snakes (well, I still do) a lot, so hey why not? I’ve just never changed it.

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When I was like 9 and got my XBOX 360 and we created our avatars, that’s how MrGreen3339 was born. The green part comes from the fact that green was my favorite colro at the time, and 3339 is a math thing.

My other name on some locations, HP Drain, comes from the community of Paper Mario YouTuber Fatguy703, as at one point there were people who named themselves after badges and changed their profile picture accordingly, and HP Drain was my contribution to this.

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My account was mainly made for meme posts back on Serenes a while back, so I just typed random letters to make a username. Looking back on it with the knowledge that I would start making actual meaningful contributions, I feel that it should be changed to be something less random.

it’s an anagram of an abbreviation

I was doing a playthrough of Halo: Reach with a friend on Legendary when we were in like middle school and really bad at the game. On the mission “Nightfall,” we gave a rocket launcher to an NPC because they get infinite ammo with it, and he proceeded to steamroll most of the rest of the mission. That NPC’s name was 1st Lt M. Noguchi… Thus, my username was born.


In middle school I was a huge fan of Yugioh the abridged series, and in the Bonds Beyond Time abridged movie one of the running jokes was that the villain would keep pronouncing “protagonists” as “pwotagonists”, so I changed a letter and that was it. I’ve used this name for like 10 years now, it’s kind of insane.


I’m just too lazy to think of any creative or clever


Zmr are letters from my full name. 56 is a random number, I’ve used 32s, 59s and 99s before, ideally I try go for just the Zmr though.

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I didn’t, my friends just started calling me “the kirb” because when I played smash I always chose kirby(and promptly lost because I didn’t know how to play), and it kinda stuck


A and Z are my initials, and then I just smashed random letters behind them until it sounded vaguely okay

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-> ななしさん(nanashi-san)
-> 名無しさん
-> Anonymous


My name literally came from a nickname of a character from my own little concept I made when i was younger. The 09 part i honestly have no idea where that started from but I always include it when i make usernames or passwords.

I think I was about 12 or 13 when I thought of this name. I think the idea of it was some silly concept I had for a fictional club (the card cafe). A few people mispronounced the second half as “caff” a few times and I kinda stuck with it.

I go by CardCaph in other places now I’d change it here too but idk how, mainly due to it being more accurate to the pronunciation of the second half, and my fascination with stars


Pikmin is a fun game


I got problem with my neck so I couldn’t drink ice. Back as those day, I was not very good with English, then instead of Zero Ice, I wrote my first nickname Zero Rock. And it sticked we me for a whole life long. 1312 is my birthday, Friday, December 13th, 1996.

Also, I got an alternative nickname called “onghoanghaitac”, which can be typed as “ong hoang hai tac”. “Ong hoang” mean “the Emperor” while “hai tac” mean “Pirate”. Hey I do love the anime One Piece. BTW, Zoro’s cameo in TPL is cool, @Arch

I love it too!