How did TLP do voice acting again?

Does anyone remember what TLP used for voice acting? Was it just voice clips loaded into a sound effect that played over CGs or something.

Reason I’m asking is because I was thinking about Deity Device having multiple discs due to early decisions about music porting or whatever. Then I was thinking about like, if one didn’t cram like a million things in or otherwise poorly utilize space - what would cause a romhack to take multiple discs? Like, generally multiple discs doesn’t really help since most assets would be shared across discs. But then… what about assets that are only used once? Like … voice acting?? How nutty would it be to abuse this to make a fully voice acted hackrom?

I do realize that voice acting in TLP meant you couldn’t skip dialogue box by box by pressing A in those scenes though. Might be annoying. lol


i believe its used the same way as any other sound effect, except for that its a voice clip

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Honestly I don’t remember anything about how eventing works but iirc all of the voice acted scenes in TLP are played over a blank CG, so I was just unsure if that was a requirement or not
it was probably just to make sure players didn’t go through the text too quickly and end up hearing like four voice clips over each other lol.

Thanks, now I have to somehow create free time to make my hare brained idea a funny, horrifying reality.

This is moreso an answer to the “what else could cause you to need multiple disks” question than the actual question in the post title, but if somebody were able to add in FMVs of some sort, even if they were short and of very low quality, that’d almost definitely require multiple disks. Heck, even in actual disk-based games (which have much more leniency in their filesize), FMVs eat up space like nothing else. A good demonstration of this would be Ace Combat 3 on the PS1, where the Japanese version is a 2-disk game, but the US version is a 1-disk game because all of the FMVs (and thus basically the entire plot, unfortunately) were stripped out.