How can I port fe7x battle animations to fe7 and fe8?

I like fe7x animations, especially Halberdier, so I wanted to port.
I’m just starting editing, so I would appreciate it if you could tell me more.

You can’t.
Those animations are not for free use.


I see…

If you’re looking for animations, there’s a large repository of animations that very cool people have made free to use right over here:

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These animations are very complete, very cool.

To clarify, yeti’s anims are f2u on fexp and fexna, but not for romhacks. This is for a variety of reasons.

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I guess one of those reasons is because of object limit?

None of the reasons are technical / hardware as far as I’m aware, he just doesn’t want people using them.

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One of the main reasons is to incentivise using his (Yeti’s) engines. Of course, right now we only have FEXP, but somewhere in the next ten to twenty years we’ll have FEXNA. When it comes, he wants a slew of unique animations people can only use for it to further push people toward using it.

That’s really only one reason, though. Another reason includes the fact that he made the animations, so he can do with them what he likes :stuck_out_tongue:


Imma steal’em jk

Are there any other halberdier animations other than the famous two?

There’s the dragoon animation, you could use that. Besides that there’s the two Ephraim style ones, and the version 1.0 halberdier (not very good).