How are random monsters' levels determined?

How are the levels of random monsters – monsters in skirmishes, the Tower of Valni, etc. – determined? I understand how the class and inventory are determined, but not the level.

Also, Fomortiis’s summons are not the same as the skirmish monsters but their levels seem to vary similarly, are they determined the same way? Looking at it, they don’t vary but are constant by monster, and are just different from the internal level 20.

Is it not set in the unit placer?
I don’t know about skirmish’s too much tho.

By the way, Welcome to FEuniverse! I just joined yesterday! so i’m new here too!

Most units do just use the level set in the unit placer, but monsters that are not fixed, such as those in the Tower of Valni, vary from the listed level. For example, on the first floor of the ToV, every enemy but the Entombed is not fixed, and while each is set at level 6, some of them are level 5, 7, or 8 in-game.

Oh ok, didn’t know that.

I’ll send a message to 7743 to see if he can help ya!

Units loaded with the monster bitflag in the unit def run this function to determine level


At a glance I don’t really understand the function that well.

It takes the unit level, the number 7, a random number up to 100, and some table/list of something at 0x88D2058 that it iterates through
And at the end it caps it to be no higher than 20

Vaguely speaking, I think it varies their level by a few points.

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Is this source code?

What is this?

Yes. From the fe8u decompilation project.

We have the load unit part decompiled but the GenerateMonsterLevel part is only disassembled, not decompiled, so it’s a lot harder to make sense of.

Were you also looking to change this behaviour? It’d be a very simple change to make them a fixed level.

For some reason, I was asked by DM and was guided to this thread, so I will write a comment.

I don’t know because I don’t use random monsters.
There is a material left by chap, the creator of fe8girls, and based on that, I am making a monster item in the detailed menu of FEBuilderGBA.

There is a patch in the FEBuilderGBA patch list that disables random monsters on the world map that he left behind.
There are many things I don’t understand beyond that.

If we could analyze this area properly, we might be able to create many interesting patches.

However, Monster is a place of differing tastes.
In Fire Emblem, most of the stories are about wars between humans, so there may not be much demand for using monsters.

I was looking to understand it. I’ve been adding enemy stats to pages on, and the monsters with varying levels present a challenge to getting the true possible stat range.