Hopefully reasonable portrait recolor request

Hey all! While I wait for the Commissions Listings to open up, I figured I might throw out a request here. I’m working on a slapdash hack of Sacred Stones for my sister and myself and wanted to throw some self-inserts in there, I think she’d love it, lol. If any of y’all would be willing to help me out I’d be eternally grateful.

The issue is this: I downloaded Eldritch Abomination’s excellent fe7 portraits in fe8 colors, specifically those of Louise(for my sis) and Lloyd(for myself, although that’s a bit of an optimistic reach, lol). I’d just like to remove Lloyd’s little goatee and make his eyes blue, and change Louise’s outfit to blue, as well as her eyes.

I have zero expertise or perspective in the world of portrait making, so if this job is too easy to be worth your time I’d really appreciate if you would redirect me to your preferred tutorial so I could do it my lazy self. If you’d like to be paid, I’d be more than happy to do so. If all you do is read this, thanks for that as well.

Also, if there’s a thread this should go into, sorry for cluttering up the topic.

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request 1
request 2

Not too proud of the eyes on the Lloyd one, but had to cut down on the colors somewhere - the eyes and hair shared colors so it was kinda a pain. Graphical edits aren’t my thing, but hopefully these can work for you.

lloyd minus goatee

also in case anyone wants the goatee-less lloyd lol


Holy cow! This is great, thank you so much. (:

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No problem, let me know if the downloads aren’t insertable.

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