Hiya! Kemonomimi and FE Appreciator

Hey everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker for the website, and figured I’d end up bothering to make an account. I’m Pan, some people might know me from other various parts of the FE/SRPG overall community. Run a bunch of subreddits, and I used to make mods for Warcraft 3 for 18 years. Worked in the music industry for a decade.

Figured I’d join since I got around to finishing production work, and entered testing phase on a standalone FE/Ogre Battle style game which was a bit of an experience! Was hoping to be able to make more friends who are working on projects or who share a similar interest in loving fanmade content for series we enjoy. Hoping to be able to release a 1.0 version sometime in March for free.

If anyone is curious about general details in regards to what I’ve made I’m more than happy to answer questions before I bother making a formal thread. Pre-emptively my primary sources of inspiration typically is more western high fantasy, creature fantasy, and I have a general aversion to making purely human focused stories.

My favorite FE game is Fire Emblem 4, and if I count it I’d say Berwick Saga is a close second. I’m definitely more of a bigger fan of the Kaga era, but there’s some things I appreciate about newer FE. As far as favorite kind of mechanics, I like me some old style canto. Yeah, it’s pretty broken, but it’s fun and that’s what matters.

Other interests besides Fire Emblem include: Mecha, Super Robot Wars, Tactics Ogre, Painting, Writing, and Platformers. Best girl is Aisha Clan-Clan from Outlaw Star.


Hi Pan, welcome! Your project sounds interesting! I love Tactics Ogre for the gba so definitely let us know how that’s going :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh hey pan. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Hey Krash, and RomHackist. Yeah I’m a big fan of games that don’t have purely humans. It’s rather disappointing to me that most SRPGs have bad monster characters or they’re not even playable. Fire Emblem usually just has shifters or the manaketes which is odd given it has sentient monsters lore wise.

Knight of Lodis is one of my favorite games actually! I’ve done the speedrun for PSP Tactics Ogre several times, and that’s fun.

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“big fan of games that don’t have purely humans.” Well that’s certainly a specific interest to have, it’s interesting though! I had a ton of fun with Knight of Lodis, got into it probably around the same time I got into Fire Emblem. Definitely make a thread for your project when you’re ready, I’m very interested in seeing it!

Oh yeah, no worries. I intended to. I just want to wrap up making a trailer and have it go through more testing first.

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Kemonomimi are neat for sure, welcome! Can’t say I’m unfamiliar with you thanks to Reddit and Twitch, but its great to see you here. I’m certainly interested in the mentioned project.

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Hopefully it’ll be something a lot of people enjoy when it’s ready for the general public. ^^

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