Hiya FEU

Hi, My name’s Julia, I got into FE with Fates, which, at the time I didn’t know was kind of a pariah of the series, I enjoyed it well enough though.

This year someone got me to play Sacred Stones and I kinda just fell in love with GBA, ended up checking out a few romhacks, aaand now I’m here, like maybe 2-3 weeks into making my own. I’ve already gotten a lot of help from you lot, from threads and videos and tutorials and such, so thank you for that first of all lol.

I’m glad I found this little corner of the internet for this specifically niche thing filled with incredibly skilled people. I always find Introductions awkward but I figured I’d just say a quick little hello and wish good luck to everyone staying motivated on their respective projects.


Welcome! I’m new too! :leafy_green:

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Welcome! Definitely bring a chapter to the FEU discord’s #playtesting when you have one ready, and be sure to make use of #febuilder_help chat.

Hope to see you around on discord. Always nice to have new people


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