Hiring GBA Portrait artist for Commission

I’m looking for some GBA portrait commissions for a private project of mine, the portraits would not be OC’s and would instead be gba versions of already existing fire emblem characters(Possibly Three Houses). I’m looking for regular sized portraits, not half-bodies, that fit the gba palette limit and would be for use in a Sacred Stones hack.

The Project will most likely not go public, its simply something I’m working on with a group of friends, but in-case it ever did, credit would be given.

Portraits should be done from scratch, and not edits of existing characters.
The price range I’m looking for is 25$USD each, and I’d be willing to pay a deposit of half that, (or the total if you’re doing more than one)amount.

In total, I will probably only need 2-4 portraits done.

A portfolio or at least an example of previous work is required.