Hiring for Commissions

Hey all! I’m hiring for sprite commissions. I need both portraits and animations. My baseline prices (in USD) are 25 for a mug (standard size, not halfbody), 25 for an animation edit and 100 for a custom animation. These are all flexible of course. Please let me know if you’re interested, thank you!


Damn now I really wish I could sprite

I’m confused. Are you paying other people to make you sprites, or are you offering your sprite-making services for a fee?

He’s paying other people to make sprites.

Speaking of that, I might offer my spriting skills here, however I can’t guarantee very high quality (check my sprites thread for reference)

I figured saying I was hiring would give it away but yes I am looking for other people to make things for me

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Is that for a rom hack? If its an interesting project then I’m willing to help.

Mostly for my projects but I also understand this stuff is useful to everyone so I plan to release any animations made

Count me in.

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Looks nice, I´m interested. While I’m relatively new around here I guess I can do a good work. I was working on this two guys just today
I can do a test if necessary of course

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they look pretty nice! have you finished any animations yet?

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Depending on what you need, I could oblige.

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Thanks man, I had already sent my first request about a week or so ago

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Ha, and so you did.
I’m losing control of my life, man, it’s so fucked.

I’ll see what I can do.

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No problems man, I feel that one lmao

Thanks! Pent is almost finished, tomorrow would be ready. Lyn may be ready on Sunday. What do you have in mind with your project?

I’ve got a lot of stuff lined up. Are you comfortable with custom animations, or just edits?

I’m good with edits for now. I already created custom stuff like elves, nagas and orcs, but never animate them yet.
If you want, I can take on edits and after some practice could try fully custom animation. Of course and like every business, money comes after a full good enough quality work. It’s your project, say the word and I’ll done it as requested, not less.