HiimNickt™ (v7.76)

Hello, everyone of FEUniverse! My name is Nick T., and I wanted to make a thread to showcase some of my sprites that I’ve been working on for various projects as well as details on both.

To start things off, I reshaded Ephraim and I made him look more angry because Ephraim scares me.

These next two portraits are from a sequel to The Sacred Stones that I’ve been drafting for about two days now. The first one is the protagonist, Joshua. After the Stone Wars, he lost his beloved hat in a skirmish with tax collecting knights from Carcino, because Joshua did not pay the Exclusive to Jehanna welfare tax. He’s always had that bald spot by the way, the game never shows it.

The next character I will be showcasing is the Dread Paladin of Renais, formerly known to all as Kyle. During the Stone Wars, he was left for dead on the battlefield and had to fend for himself from Dracozombies and Gorgon Eggs. He eventually fell to the darkness, and now hopes to slay Ephraim for leaving him for dead. He also wants to kill Forde because he really does not like Full Metal Alchemist.

The final portrait I will be showcasing for now is the main character of my FE7 Rebalance Project. His name is Heliwood, and he really likes axes despite being a sword guy with cool hair. He respects axes, and to be frank, even fears them to a degree. I will update you on the progress on the rebalance hack soon enough.

I will send you more sprites in the coming days! Salutations to all!


I’m locking this thread for blatant flamebaiting. You should know better than that.