Hi there! **Warning: Text wall incoming**

Hi, SaXor here. I’ve lurked for a bit but I think it’s time I introduce myself. I’ve been interested in rom hacking for a loooong time and recently (Well… as recent as the end of last year is) the Fire Emblem scene has caught my eye. Despite that, I haven’t really done much in terms of hacking so far due to lack of ideas and how hard it was for me to adapt as a beginner when the community shifted it’s focus from FE7 and FE8. Due to all of that plus school, my interest kind of faded for a while but seeing all of the cool tools that people have made since (such as the skill system and that spicy new Emblem Magic) made me want to take another shot at it. But enough about that.
As a casual player, my experience is kind of all over the place. I won’t lie, when I find myself really liking a series, I play it…a lot and I’ve love this series. I could go on about my history with the series but I don’t want to make this more of a text wall than it already is. I’ll just say that my favorite FE game (right now anyway) is Binding Blade and in terms of what type of player I am, I’m the kind of guy who plays on Classic and resets when someone who isn’t worthless or Amelia dies.
As a forum-goer, you probably won’t see me a ton. I’m not really good with being active and outspoken in forums, like at all. I lurk a lot, often check to see if anything new or major comes up, that kind of stuff. Speaking of lurking, I also joined the Discord server a little while back. So far I’ve said not a single word there so…that’s something. I mostly look at the spritans topic since I like seeing the sprites and portraits that people make so if there’s any place you might find me, it’ll probably be there.
And now for other things that I either didn’t mention within that block of text or aren’t related to Fire Emblem:
-I draw a bit. It’s like my big talent out side of gaming. I’m a bit rusty due to lack of practice but it’s a thing that I do.
-In terms of other video game series, I’m a huge fan of Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Mario and more. I’m also just a huge RPG nut in general.
-I’m also a massive Mega Man fanboy
-Back to Fire Emblem hacking for a sec, I’m no programmer. (I’d love to learn but that’s waaaayyy to much of a vast and complicated for me to just dive into on a whim, maybe some other time, I’ll try to tackle that beast) I’m the kind of person that comes up with ideas and uses the available tools to make something out of it.
-For what it’s worth I have a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVptZVRNmZOCKhYFVgQY3Pg/featured?view_as=subscriber
…and just like I did when I introduced myself on SF, I went on for way too long.(even longer here actually) Sorry about that…


Hey, welcome! We don’t bite… much! Speak up every now and then, it makes the place seem more lively!


Welcome! I haven’t fully adjusted to the FE8 paradigm shift either, I’m afraid. So you’ll be in the same boat as a lot of us here!

Back in my day we hacked FE7, and we liked it.

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my friend i read your post in less than a minute

not too long at all


(Discourse, I think that’s a valid post but it only has 3 characters)

Hi! ͏ ͏

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