Hi (now this is past five characters)

My name’s Haifried, though it goes by p cool on Discord. Maybe one or two people remember me from Mekkah’s Keep for being the person who doesn’t really do anything besides type t!daily in the bot-use chat. Trec is my favourite character, and Thracia is pretty cool. The main reason I made an account on FEU was mainly to one day post a little hobby hack I’ve been doing for two or three months. I’m a COMPLETE beginner in everything revolving around hacking - portraits, map design, etc., but I’m hoping to learn from other posts to see what I can improve on my own project.
Also, Lorenz is just a placeholder for my profile picture. The system assigned pic was really ugly (what the FUCK is that typeface) and this image was the only one I had in my folder that was related to FE.


Is Three Houses!Lorenz some kind of big meme or something? There is apparently an entire Discord server dedicated to “Lorenzposting” if Hannah Rite is to be believed and the FE Tier List Maker has a crapton of Lorenz edits among its Three Houses portraits (presumably as placeholders)

Welcome! I swear the system font for avatars got changed in the past month or so; good to know it’s not just me going insane. The Discourse gods giveth, and the Discourse gods taketh away.

Keep the Lorenz imo, he’s a chad.

Or better, upgrade to timeskip Lorenz.

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