Hi im new

i finally decided to make an account. i took me long enough tho. so here i am. i really like to sprite portraits/mugs (i prefer the term portraits) and i will maybe release some of them for free use someday. i still need to learn a lot about fe hacking and such. so yeah, hi! oh and my fav fe is fe12.


Welcome, I’m new as well even though I was viewing the site for years. I just recently decided to make an account. Enjoy your stay. ;D !

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Henlo friend hope you enjoy your stay here. You can ask questions on hacking and other topics here. You can also join the discord for a more hangout type experience. There’s also a spriting channel there where you can show off and ask for critique on your mugs there. Hope you have a great time!


Welcome SomeDenseGuy xD
I think you know me :joy:

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thank you guys. ill join the discord later today. and yes i do Nathan

Welcome owo

Now i love you.

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