Hi I'm new here

If any of you need someone to write dialogue or anything else I’m available nearly everyday. I can also help with ideas or constructive criticism on any hacks. Beta testing if you offer it,I make sure to find the smallest glitches, or if you just need to talk.


Welcome to FEU! If you’re willing to beta test Elibean Nights, I’ll send you a patch when I’ve got an update. It’s important that we catch all the glitches, I’m trying to hammer out the final release.

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Hey thanks for the warm welcome and I would love to beta test Elibian Nights.

Do you have any samples of your writing? I’m looking to outsource my support conversations to the community. I’d definitely be willing if you’re good at writing in-character, funny but sometimes touching dialogue.

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Not right at this moment, but I can send you and example tommorow, if that’s alright.