Hi Everyone!

Hi, nice to meet you! :grin:
I’m an Italian young FireEmblem Fan trying to do his own hack with my own characters using FEBuilding.
I’ve been browsing this site for a while (about a year actually…) and I finally decided to create an accout and indroduce myself. I apologize in advance for my english, I’m trying to improve
Hopefully I will post someting about the portraints I made and something else.


Welcome to 'Universe, and your English isn’t bad to me, I hope you’ll have fun here!

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Neat, my fiancee has family in Italy, beautiful country. Welcome to the community, mate. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to FEU. Can you mail me some pasta?


hi bb

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I actually can’t cook… :sweat_smile:
When I will learn I’ll sent It for sure, now I can only sent you an image from intenet.images


Time to download the pasta for future consumption.


Now I want to download food to my central nervous system and mainline that shit.

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