Heya, FEuniverse!

Hello! I already made some comments on this side, but a introduction cant hurt i guess.
English isnt my first speech. So excuse me if i type a bit strange, i try my best! :grin:
What else to say, FE 7 was my first one. Got it as a birthday present when i was young. Big fan since then.
Thats good enough for now i guess, so hello everyone!


Join the discord if you haven’t already, that’s where most of the regulars are. It’s a pretty active chat.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve joined.

Welcome, don’t mind me I’m basically nobody.

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Welcome to Universe.:smile:

welcome :slight_smile: it’s rather quite in the introductions area but everyone is very helpful and friendly here. FE& is my fav game of the FE series.