Hey There, just trying to hack here

I’m a really frigging clever 18-yo guy from Italy trying to hack FE8 instead of studying of for his university entrance exams, been lurking the hacking community for a few years.
I’m a mac-user that just recently got Windows 8 working on Parallels and the update from XP to 8.1 really opened up new possibilities and FEBuilder with its approachability finally gave me the confidence needed to start my own little hack project… so that’s what brought me here. Hello everyone! Also I’m having lotta bugs so expect me ask lotta questions XD
Also the FE8 Skill System is the best thing ever!


Wow, seriously. Who opened the Outrealm gate and let my past self pass through?


Hi and welcome! I’m fairly new too. FEbuilder is awesome, and so are the skills. Happy hacking.

Hello, man! Glad to know the Italian Army is growing. Have fun with those hacking skills, and good luck!

Welcome to FEUniverse, coming from a novice hacker like you.


hello. hope u enjoy u stay. use ut2 for learning how to hack with buildfiles and maybe join the more active discord server

Welcome…surprise us with that hack of yours!