Hey, @MisakaMikoto

I’ve heard of the earthquakes.
Are you ok, @MisakaMikoto?

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Fine. Thanks. btw, I am Chinese instead of Japanese ><

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I was pretty sure that… D:
Ok, nevermind. Glad you’re ok anyway.

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China vs Japan
still no embedded YouTube support wtf


Embedded youtube support got broken in one of the updates a while back, I think, we used to have it.

Cam someone should get on that

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When I saw the thread title, I thought you wanted @MisakaMikoto to do a translation of Midnight Sun into Chinese. Really.

also learn geography nub

Seriously though, I think there exist parts of China that are earthquake-prone too. Maybe not the part Misaka lives, but still.

There was that really bad one in 2008, when I went there a couple years later they were still having aftershocks

Actually, that’s an idea, but it would definitely require a LOT of @MisakaMikoto’s time.

Anyway, I don’t know why I was sure he was japanese. Must’ve been the Railgun influence.
Don’t we have a Japanese member, then?

I even cannot spare enough time for several hacks worth playing through. I also have my project.

Yeah, must be railgun’s influence.

There are some of them but they mainly talk in their own circle. – However, I think they enjoy solo at most occasions. You never know if a new complete project will suddenly come out tomorrow. –

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