Hey I Have No Idea What I'm Doing (And I'm Colorblind)

Im modifying the Mauthe Dog animation to create an Umbreon battle animation. It needs a lot of work, but I’ve hit a wall because for whatever reason my 3rd sheet has a pallette difference? I’m trying to use Usenti, but its no help. Might someone know how I can fix this?
mdg_at1 Sheet 1 mdg_at1 Sheet 2 mdg_at1 Sheet 3 mdg_at1 Sheet 4
The third sheet being th bottom left hand corner.

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I’m pretty sure it’s actually your 4th sheet
The 17 and 18 are colored differently from all other numbers and there is no orange in the palette (probably from using the mauthe doog)

Side note: you don’t have to make animation with the existing compressed sheets anymore (not for a long time); you can just export the frames from febuilder and use those to create your sprite and insert them with the same script.

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That makes sense! Although FEBuilder is still saying my palette on the thrid sheet is wrong.

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The palette legend in the top right corner is different on the third sheet.

Your background color is slightly off in RGB value on the third sheet as one of the problems (though it’s close enough that I am hoping that Usenti would adjust to the correct GBA-compatible color that is the same as on the other sheets…), and you’re missing four colors from it. Hopefully I didn’t use any colors that you are unable to see, but in the image below, the four shades that are missing are represented with cyan pixels and the two shades that are the wrong color have been replaced with yellow pixels. The top palette is from the second sheet and the bottom is from the third.