Hextator's FE8 Skill Patch

So I’m like 99% sure there was a FE8 patch that included skills like Astra and Vantage (maybe it fixed pierce too?) but I’ve been searching for a while and just can’t find it anymore. I think maybe Xeld made it but at some point told people it wasn’t very stable and maybe shouldn’t be used anymore? But I haven’t seen any replacements for it, which makes it useful in my book.

So, anyone have it (or a link to it) on hand?


It was some kind of prototype and it’s in the FEditor dist folder iirc

It’s in asm\FE8\Skills, and here’s a link to the doc since it’s not included with FEditor.

Yes, that’s exactly it, thank you!

I’m not sure if this is the expected behavior on Vantage though, it seems like when it activates, it cancels the attacker’s attack? I’m not necessarily complaining, but is that supposed to happen?

[quote]203a5be=0 means enemy cannot counter attack; therefore vantage cannot activate in favor of enemy

From Custom Skill Construction.txt
I think so?

All righty, got it then, thanks!