Hextator's Classroom


[5:50:34 PM] Alex: brendor and I have been doing video calls where I hack stuff while he comments and observes
[5:50:42 PM] Alex: does that sound like something you would be interested in
[5:51:03 PM] Alex: I was thinking maybe we could get a few more people and have a mini classroom

If interested, talk to me on Skype: hectamatatortron


are you hacking ocarina of time again or…?


nothing in particular, just whatever people are interested in (unless it’s miserably boring)


i’d be down but timing is hard


that’s a lousy excuse


Is there no one?!


let’s majora some masks


In fact, I am really interested in that awesome idea but noticed it was posted last year. May I join it now?


I actually wouldn’t mind joining either if you guys are doing some hardcore hacking.


which awesome idea in particular

So is that 3 people? Will there be more?


i’m in if it’s at a convenient time


which is when?


Watching you hacking sth. :smile:
I am quite willing to join your classroom.


When is this happening?


Generally weekdays at night, but it’d honestly be easier for me if you just set a time and I’d pop in or not if I’m around (my schedule is pretty janky and changes pretty fast)


We have a vote for Majora’s Mask and that’s it I guess