Here we go again

Hey everyone, I’m Sea Lion. I used to be a minor presence on Serenes and The Emblem Brigade back like 8 years now which is wild to think about. It’s nuts to see how much things have changed but also sorta stayed the same?

I’d done mostly portrait/sprite work but also worked vaguely on some romhacks forever ago, but now with all the (to me) new programs people have made wow I am getting back into it.

Gonna try and be more active than I was however long ago, so you’ll likely see me around!


Welcome to the forums!(I’ve got nothing after this)

Welcome! I hope you enjoy. If you aren’t already in the discord, I’d recommend joining there as well.

Salutations! I think I remember seeing you occasionally on TEB back in the day, but it’s been so long I can’t remember if we actually interacted. Welcome to FEU!

All the new stuff is insanely amazing. We’ve gone from FEditor and Nightmare messing up roms without telling us to being able to have complete control over our roms with build files and do anything at the click of a button with FEB. Looking back, I’m amazed I ever made anything with the old tools.

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That’s what I’m saying! Like inserting a map used to take me ages, with FEB I was just playing around and I was like “oh I-I did it? I made a map? Just like that?” It’s properly nuts


FEB trivialized the old ways :joy: