Help with worldbuilding

Hi! I’m Defaundre, and I’ve been on FEU for maybe a year without really doing much other than scrolling through art and gawking at some amazing animations! I had a post asking for advice on building a hack earlier but wound up too busy to thank any of the people that helped me out (Thank you if you did give me some advice lol).

Anyways, I’m making this topic to ask about how you guys go about worldbuilding, as I am finding many of the worlds I make to be boring or bland. I’ve watched a lot of videos on this topic by people such as TaleFoundry, and Stoneworks, but can’t seem to find the right places to apply what I’m learning.
Some of the issues I’m facing involve;
character relations (example: How to express Character A’s thoughts on character B without it sounding robotic and forced. Or how a system of renown would work alongside a system of status and birthrights)
As well as making my world feel more natural than manufactured (another long parentheses of example being: my placement of just about any point of interest feeling like it’s just there to take up empty space, rather than having any established meaning. I know that creating a backstory for these can help, but I still find them to feel forced).
My issues are probably common, and require a lot more experience to overcome, but any tips or tricks are more than welcome. Thank you for reading my clunky post, and thank you for any advice or critiques that you give!

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I’d look at this thread the advice that @Xilirite provides in this thread is invaluable to pretty much anyone who’s not already great at worldbuilding or writing in general, I know the advice has helped me out a ton and will continue to.


I will absolutely use this. Thank you for your reply!