Help with the event conditions

Hello everyone!
I’m new with all the hacking stuff (started one or two weeks ago)
Anyway, so i use fe builder and decided to make a new event in the prologue of fe8 (basically when eirika steps in a certain range i made o’neill say “ambush them!” in enemy phase and then some soldiers appear as ambush spawns) but the event happens both in turn 1 and when eirika steps in the zone.
So what did i did wrong?

Your biggest mistake is not to send report7z.
Without reproducible data, the problem cannot be solved.

Please send report7z.

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i dont understand the unmodified rom part. i’ve downloaded a rom of fe8 and it says that it is not an unmodified rom

Your ROM may not be genuine.
Please check if it is genuine.

open vanilla ROM

“This ROM is a genuine ROM without modification.”
If it is displayed like this, it is genuine.
Other than that, it is hack rom or fake rom.

Now it says that C:\Documents and Settings\JuanB\Configuraci¾n local\Temp\tmp28B.tmp file is missing

I think the temporary file couldn’t be created for some reason.

If you cannot create report7z, create an ups file instead.
Ups data is inferior to report7z, but in this case it can’t be helped.

FEBuilderGBA->MENU->File->Save as UPS

Please send me the ups you created.

how do i send the ups?

Send it in your favorite way, as described in the explanation.
dropbox , discord, firefox send , or ftp or VPS etc…
not sure if it’ll work but there you go

Thank you for sending ups.
Can you explain again what you want to implement?
With the current settings, Ambush will start after 3 turns.
How do you want to change this?
Do you want to make something like a ch1 reinforcement?

And I found a bug in your settings.
You have an enemy appearing from the left,
If the Snag is not collapsed, the enemy cannot move.
As a result, freezing occurs.

This can be improved by placing moving enemies to the right of snag.
In my attached image, the position has been changed to prevent this freeze.

I want the reinforcements to only appear when someone is in the upper-left corner when the turn is ended, so theoretically the soldiers should spawn only ONCE when the snag is collapsed and therefore, not crashing the game

Creating an ambush event for an enemy turn at a specific point, such as ch1 reinforcement, takes time.
Your failure is not to turn on Flag 10.

Create a reinforcement event with 1-255 turns.
However, since we not want to this event does always occur, set Completion Flag to ON in Start Event.
This pushes the sluice and stops the water.

The Completion Flag of Turn Event this time is 0x10.
Therefore, set Flag 0x10 to ON in Start Event.

When the Range event occurs, turn off Flag 0x10.
We opened the sluice gate.

Then, on the next enemy turn, Flag 0x10 is off, so an event occurs.

Since it is a Completion Flag, it automatically turns ON when an event occurs, so ambush reinforcements only occur once.
I think this will work as expected.

Creating a mechanism that links two events in this way is time consuming.
The important thing is to check the status of the debugger flag that appears when you press the F5 key.

Thank you so much, this was turning me crazy because to me, everything was correct