Help with simplistic map


Really need some help with this map. I just need to smooth it out a little and clean it up so it looks like a legitimate map. I’m unfortunately not very skilled at map-making, but I need a demo chapter done for a project. I’m able to do everything else; I just can’t make the tile map look good. I’d be extremely grateful. It’s supposed to be a small seaside village with no shops/arenas/etc. since it’s the first chapter.

Map file here


Give me like… 10 minutes and I’ll have something for you


Thanks so much! Event coding is hard enough as it is lol this is pretty difficult overall, but I’m excited for when it’s done.


What tileset are you using? Just so I don’t use the wrong one
Looks like FE8 village, ok



rip not 10min because I got distracted
I went with 0e7210 instead because of the better looking pier/docks

shit I have to give you an actual file; what format are you using?


.map files


This should work
Fyi it’s fairly rough, but should work as a demo just fine
I believe it is 20x16; 1 tile longer


Thanks a lot! Hopefully FE Builder should take it and everything will work out.


Hmm unsure of the issue. Unused to working with maps tbh


Never used febuilder, but that’s the wrong tileset and size (20x16 =/= 16x20)


It won’t let me resize it and map editor glitches out with it too


Map editor can import from the clipboard, try doing that.
As in copy the image and paste it into map editor.


Works like a charm, thanks!