Help with ripping a tileset from FE6

I would like to know if there’s a way to rip the “Snow Overworld” tileset from FE6, it’s Tile Configurations, Objects and Palette and turn them into .bin for use with buildfiles.

Thanks, and apologies if this may have been asked too many times.

You can use Febuilder to export the tilesets from fe6, and then import them back to your rom hack. it’s easy.

He said he was using buildfiles…

well I mean, I use buildfiles as well, but for certain things that bother me I use febuilder, like world map events and tilesets. also,

#incext Png2Dmp “name.png” --lz77

#incext compress “name.mapchip_config”

EventPointerTable(0x1, DoorFieldObjects)
EventPointerTable(0x3, DoorFieldTiles)

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