Help with Portrait animations

Hi. I’m new to both fire emblem hacking and making custom portraits. I have the base portrait, but I’m unsure how to make the blinking and mouth animations, and how to make them look good. Does anyone have any tips on how to make them and make it look natural? I can also post the image if it would help.


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My first advice would be to not use the mug generator. The mug generator is not very good for creating actual hack mugs. If you aren’t, I’m sorry, but you should try looking at normal mugs for skin tones.

My second advice would be to reference vanilla. I’m sure a more dedicated spriter could send some helpful spritans pins, but your best bet is to look at how vanilla does blinking and mouth frames. Or you could just splice the eyes/mouth

idk, any spriters wanna pipe in

I did use the mug generator, but if just making them by splicing mugs on my own, I’ll try that instead. Thanks.

Could you post what GBA character’s head, hair, and torso this is? That way I could splice it for you if you want.

TMM123 mug


Oh wow. Thanks!
If I may ask, is there a good place that I can get the images for just a characters head/hair/torso, or will I have to cut them out manually.

I’m fairly certain no one’s made it where the hairs, heads, and torsos are already cropped out. I always splice mine using this image. It has every GBA sprite.

Using this you won’t have to resize any images and you’ll have many different colors to pick from as well.

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