Help with FEBuilder

Hello everyone,
I’ve been working with FEBuilder to just play and test various things on the game that introduced me to the series, FE8!
The current issue I’m encountering is at the start of chapter 5 Lute and Artur’s magic just drops to 0 and makes it so they do virtually no damage to all enemies.
The things that I’ve done so far is I used the skillsystems patch, increased max level to 50, raised max stats for all stats and characters to 60 (with exception of hp max 120), and added promotions to all final classes to loop back to base classes ex. paladin to knight or cavalier.
I also removed the exmodularsave patch from my rom because it was not retaining saves on my ez reader.
I’m pretty new to using FEBuilder and romhacks in general so please be patient with me, but I appreciate any help with understanding what I need to look at.

My first guess is that Artur and Lute’s magic stats aren’t being saved because you removed exmodularsave. It’s responsible for making sure certain vital things for the skill system is kept in save data. Raising caps won’t work without exmodularsave installed either, by the way. For example, the maximum level saved in vanilla is 31 and the max HP saved is 67.

I don’t really know enough about custom game carts to help with your ezreader problem, but if you’re using the skill system, you absolutely need exmodularsave for it to work properly.

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That makes sense, but why would that only affect lute and artur? Because they arrive in chapter 4?
I reapplied the exmodular save patch, but now my I’m back to not keeping saves…

Don’t use the very old double stat caps patch. Skill sys / ex modular save default already does this. There’s a separate patch for how long the stat bars should be.

You can try this out on vanilla+skillsys patch and see for yourself. If you aren’t using the double stat caps patch, then you’ve done something else funky to break save files.

Please note that installing / uninstalling either of these patches (ExModSave or DoubleStatCaps) will destroy old save files. You must start a new game to test when you do this.

Also note that either way, levels above 31 are not saved on suspend. If you are level 32 and reset, when you resume, you will be level 0 and gain fast exp.

If you can’t fix it yourself, then send a report7z.

Artur and Lute were probably moved to save data after chapter 4 and that’s when their magic got removed, so then you noticed the change in chapter 5. The same likely happened to Moulder as well.

It’s hard to be sure of exactly what would happen if exmodular save isn’t installed in a skill system installation. And it’s also hard to know if there isn’t some other problem without extra data attached. Try doing what Vesly said and send a report7z.

The save issue you’re having might have to do with modifications to the save file structure. They tend to get cleared if they aren’t compatible with the current exmodularsave installation. Outside of that, I have no idea why your game cart doesn’t like exmodularsave