Help regarding a rom hack

I was trying to make my own rom hack of FE8 and havent touched the event editor at all but for some reason now everytime I try to start a new save it freezes right at the end of the first cutscene, if i skip the cutscene i just go to a black screen where nothing happens. does someone know how to fix this? i can provide screenshots if necessary

Did you install and uninstall Skill System?


If you are using FEBuilder send a report file on the topic

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i installed it but never uninstalled it

i will do that thank you

This happens because there are certain patches (essential bug fixes) that are included with skill systems and thus uninstalled at the same time. You must reinstall a few essential patches after uninstalling skillsystems, if that is what you want to do.

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thank you, do you know which patches i need to reinstall?

Try asking 7743

Oh come to think of it, the antihuffman patch is probably the most important. The game will usually crash if you have any edited text without that patch.

febuilder stops you from editing text altogether unless you enable it so it is essentially the patch

UPDATE: it doesnt freeze anymore but for some reason every time i select the character who replaces seth, this happens and it goes away if i select a differnt unit.

Send a report7z to febuilder thread

I figured it out, for some reason the data for the map portrait of the character that replaced seth was gone or something, so i guess whenever the cursor went over him it glitched the screen out. when i went into febuilder and imported the same portrait onto his original one it fixed it.