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Hello! I’m Sacrabis (considering changing the username), a new member who jumped into the FE rabbit-hole almost two years ago and never looked back.

I originally played Awakening on my younger brother’s old 3DS almost two years ago then proceeded to play Fates. Despite the flaws of both games I really enjoyed the experience. After playing 3H I really fell in love with this series and proceeded to try and emulate as many games as possible. Unfortunately, I’m pretty terrible at sticking with a single game at a time and playing through to completion. I’ll likely have a lot more free time in the foreseeable future to try and complete FE7, 8 and 4 though! :slight_smile:

After seeing every game in the series torn to pieces across Reddit, Youtube and Serenes, I found myself hesitant to “like” FE games or claim that some of these games are “good”. Recently managed to remember that I can like games without having that be a reflection of me or my tastes, and that games can be good despite having notable flaws.

I’ll be graduating high school soon and I’m looking to start a ROM hack over the summer so you may see more of me here.


By starting one, do you mean making your own? Or playing someone else’s? Because either way, nice.

Edit: Also, welcome!

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Thanks! I’ve started Justice & Pride and I’m planning to play TLP at some point. I’ll try and finish the half-complete saves of mainline FE games on my emulator though. I’m looking to make a ROM hack over the summer and hopefully release a V1.0 before university work starts to pile up (assuming classes will still start in August/September)

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Good luck to you, then!

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Greetings and welcome!

It’s not just every Fire Emblem game that has its own problems; it’s every video game. Not only does everyone have their own sensibilities when it comes to gameplay and map design; everyone has their own degree of suspension of belief when it comes to stories, their own quota of how much supernatural/dragon stuff is acceptable, how many countries need to occupy your fictional continent for it to feel realistic, etc. I have several favourite writing concepts that Fire Emblem glosses over at the very best (for example, the logistics behind the invisible generic soldiers who are often assumed to be fighting on your side just off-screen). Unfortunately, stories in video games tend to be treated more like movie stories (where dramatic twists are more important than logistical things lining up because it’s just a two-hour thing that you’ll be done watching by the time you realise the fridge logic) than book stories (where the story is the creator’s sole objective because it’s just words on paper).

FE7 is an undeniable charlie foxtrot, but that doesn’t stop the game from being one of my favourites and one of the most influential on my life. As a matter of fact, I would encourage tearing apart the games you like. It’s very satisfying to come down to the exact reason why you like them but also acknowledge where the story and gameplay don’t work and keep that in mind for when you make your own projects.


Hey! New faces are cool.

I know exactly what you mean by feeling down because your favorite games are getting torn to pieces (I’m an Fe6 fan and for every word of praise toward it I see it feels like there’s 5 other people complaining that it’s boring or poorly made) but yeah, it’s good that you decided you can like stuff even when flawed. I still have trouble coming to terms with that at times myself.

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