Hello there!

What a surprise, Daff’s too late to the party of introductions as well!

A few pals around here might know me already, despite me not having many contributions yet (most of which are rather overly ambitious attempts to experiment with mugs).

Either way, I’m actually late because I joined FEU just a few months ago although I’ve been in the FE community for a few years by now. If you haven’t seen my contributions, I’m most likely remembered for “go to bed” diagnoses and my sweet spot for (almost) any and all Lyon (and as of now, Reyson) feed I can find.

Introduction out of the way, I must say that trying to focus on spriting has helped me in subtle ways even though I’m not working on it regularily yet. Liberties aside, I gotta thank y’all for your advice, patience and consideration (plus good, hearty laughs but that’s another story).

As to my recent works that I mostly feel comfortable with as of now:

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Seems like I’m too late after all, 1AM’s quite fun, eh…
Henlo and see ya (maybe)


1 am. That isn’t a bad time :joy:

daff go to bed ree