Hello there

I’ve been following numerous hacks, hoping that one day I could make one on my own. Right now I cant do much beside sprite works, so I decided to learn as much as I can about hacking in order to make these proyects I have in mind for so long to come to reality.

I also hope that one day I have enough knowledgement so I can help this site as well.


FEWoD must be really dead if you came here.
Or, like most people from that forum, you got bored.

You’re already expanding my vocabulary!

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FEWoD ceased to be a (somewhat) “serious” forum about FE due to RoyM’s… “Stubbornness” in the last entries of the saga, hindering the contributions on the page. But I belive you’re fully aware of that.

I haven’t visited the forum since I left, and that was after Awakening came out in Japan (2013 or 2014 I think)
I have no idea what’s going on there.
The only thing I know is that RoyM is a pedophile for Nowi and Nah.

Imagine RoyM rigging Awakening’s Lunatic Tier List in order to put Nowi in top tier despite numerous arguments against it and editing it anyways. And if it’s not enough, imagine negating any kind of support and contribution to the Fates’ section due to an unmesurable amount of salt over the localization and censorship of the game, and thus relocating all the efforts to the #FE’s section. Many of the old user left and the remainers no longer go to the ‘Fire Emblem’ subforums but to ‘Creations’ and ‘Miscellaneus’ instead.

Oh, geez. Sounds like quite the series of frustrating events. It’s a shame to hear that, because WoD was really a good site back in the day. I would reference it frequently during my own project development to study enemy positioning in the original games–it was the only website that really offered that information with ease, and it was incredibly useful.

Anyways, you should be able to find the knowledge that you’re searching for here. Feel free to ask questions, but be sure to use the site’s search function frequently as well (it’s very helpful). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with once you’ve learned the ropes! Welcome to FEU!


Welcome to FEU! :wave:


They’re 2D girls. Not possible.

Sauce: Myself. #NotAPedo

Reminds me of an anime titled “This Art Club Has a Problem” or something like that. One protagonist is only interested in 2D girls. So yeah.

That aside,
Greetings, Silpharion, and Welcome.

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I knew the forum was doomed since he removed the edit option from it.

Trust me, he is sick.
He even bans you if you insult Nowi or Nah, or if you say that Nowi isn’t the OTP of Robin.

Alright, das a little weird.