Hello there! I'm VelvetKitsune!

Greetings! I’m uh… …what was my name again. Oh right! VelvetKitsune! apparently i’ve already some random stuff in that resources thing (Namely that one Summoner) I already forgot the name of so if you somehow recognise me from that that’s pretty awesome. …and I’m jealous, gimme your brain I want to remember stuff more.

Let’s see… I’m a weirdo who is quite possibly mildly obsessed with foxes-- 'tis implied right in the name. I’m obsessed with creating stuff, not that I’m particularly good at it, and most importantly I’m an old hermit who hardly talks to people, how old? When was Nightmare released? Don’t remember, but I think I started doing FE stuff around the time of Path of Radiance, mostly sprites then but somewhere between that and Radiant Dawn I think is when I started playing around with hacking, but like none of those were released, and if they were are lost to time.

…On the series itself, I’m one of those old people who found it out via Smash Melee, (another large favourite series of mine) and then first played it when my brother got FE7 somewhere 'round release.

I love playing with characters and all that, not especially in RP, just sorta in an ‘I’m basically talking to myself’ sort of way.

Now watch as I forget this place exists by tomorrow, since that seems to be what I’m good at!

…I’m actually quite shy, even if seem to pretend otherwise, so please don’t expect too much from me. eep.

I ‘am’ currently playing around with a random hack that I may post at some point, but I’m too lazy to now (and as a newbie I’ve a feeling I won’t be able to anyway yet).
I also sorta want to toss/release resources as well, but am not entirely sure on how that’s done


Hi! props for the name buddy! Can’t wait to see your hack :stuck_out_tongue:
wish u an happy Xmas ^^

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Danke! We’ll have to see when I un-lazy next.
Happy Christmas~


Hello there. I’m surprised to see you here. I’m watching your stuff on youtube and it’s really interesting to see you here now. But have a great time :smile_cat:
And Happy Christmas :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks for that female summoner in the repo!!, used it as the base for my plague doctor animations


I might do a short hair version of your summoner as well, nothing too crazy just cutting the hair out of the throwing frames adding daggers to it too haha. Anyways thanks for the base


Sure! Please do feel free to, I love seeing new and fun variants and things to everything.
damn now i wanna add more weapons for her to use… We’ll have to see.


welcome kitsune :yellow_heart: saw your youtube channel, really cool stuff!


Ah Lookie, it’s The wild Kitsu! Honor to meet ya here as well! :heartpulse:

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Welcome to the forum, Kit!

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I’m not ‘that’ wild am I? I mean I’m not going around and biting everyone.

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Ahahahaha, that was a Pokemon Reference. (kind of)

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Nice to meet you too! I’m Peak_Claw3 but…I mostly go by Peak by my friends online when I’m playing on my PS4. Anyways, nice to meet you! I’m working on a Fire Emblem 8 rom hack if your interest in helping out I’m hiring a whole bunch of people to help me with the portraits, chapters, the story, and the features of my own hack. So what you think?

Sorry-- I can hardly even keep my attention together enough to get my own projects done, I’m not especially a team person.

Well people are being rude to be on here and I’m new here and I have no idea what to do on here and how to get people to help me with my rom hack. This is really important.

I uhm… wouldn’t really know about that, since I generally work alone and have never especially been good at asking things. Good luck either way.

if you’re new bro it’s gonna take you a little while to get people to help you with your project. You’d wanna make a thread and discord or something for it and show the progress you’ve done yourself. It’s a hobby community after all, unless you’re willing to pay, don’t expect people to want to do grunt work for free.

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