Hello future me and everyone reading this

This post will act as a time capsule for me, and hopefully a good introduction for others to see. I have been in the community for about a month or so. Not very long, I know.

I haven’t said anything since joining the community so I think this would still count either way.

I love Fire Emblem, I love what it does in its gameplay. That is why I want to replicate it with a romhack I have been working on since I started a few weeks ago. Progress is slow, to say the least, but I don’t expect myself to become an expert any time soon and that is fine.

My romhack project is made with the goal to present something to my friends (and as a hobby). Whether it takes a handful of months or a handful of years, whether I lose the passion and regain it after a certain amount of time passes, I don’t really care. It’s totally fine if the romhack never gets finished. University is already a handful and if I see this after I’m done with that ordeal, it’ll be slightly amusing.

Nevertheless, I am excited to see where this journey will take me and I already met some great people here. This will be my first post and who knows if it’ll be the last. Time will tell.

Anyway, this sounds more like a journal than an introductory post so I will keep it straight to the point. I am here for romhacking and writing stories. The writing part is more of my passion but using Fire Emblem as a source of practice will be beneficial and a unique challenge.

I hope this is a good enough post and sorry if I sound overly optimistic, I’ll learn to suffer through the challenges that’ll hit me, and hopefully, I’ll stay standing to hit back!


Hey welcome to the site! It sounds like you’re going to be putting a lot of passion into your project, I wish you luck with it! Since it sounds like you’re very focused on the story aspect of your future hack, do you mind giving us a little sneak peak into the plot? It’s okay if you haven’t thought that far ahead yet, I just wanted to give you a reason to stick around and chat haha


I would love to but I can’t figure out how to post images without the site telling me I’m not allowed to post any media file which is a little frustrating lol.

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Ah, happened to me too. Not saying you should spam but the solution there is to comment on a few threads here and there that you find interesting. Worked for me, I think I was able to post links on the second day I was here.

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there’s a trust level system in place, it’s gonna take at least 24 hours before you can post links and images I’m afraid. I’m not sure completely but i would recommend doing what TRM said in the replies. Take a look around and comments some stuff, should do wonders for the trust level. Also consider joining the feu discord. Really helped me get the hang of things with romhacking and general development advice.

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Thank you, and I’ll be sure to do so. Once I can post I can start making progress reports and issues I’ll try to solve myself. I even am considering posting concept art that I have for some characters if possible.

And again, thank you for the warm welcome.

cool cool, looking forward to seeing what you got cooked up.

Also since this is gonna be a time capsule.
“Hello Bacon and Eggs from the future!, What’cha you been up too?, had your breakfast yet? lemme guess was it bacon and eggs? hah! anyways keep on keeping on my guy”

there ya go a comment for future bacon_eggs.

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Well, I have just got promoted to a member so I suppose I can just send a very rough mishmash
of what I have done so far in my romhack.


I really like the maps in the upper left, the port town aesthetic is really cool :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the website! Hope you enjoy your time here.

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it looks interesting already :blush: glad to see the rom hacking community is still alive and well!


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