Hello FEU!

Hello, people of FEU! I’ve only just made an account here, but some of you may recognise me from Serenes Forest.

Is there anything that I, as a newcomer, should know about this site?

The search function works about 50 times better than SF

We have the ability to make wikiposts, which you can also edit

Spriting activity here is pretty slow but maybe you can help change that :smiley:

That’s pretty much it

The search function is probably the first thing I’ve heard about FEU haha
Wow, anyone can edit the posts?
I’ll see what I can do about the spriting activity here. Hmmmm…

Welcome! From my experience, FEU has more thorough documentation on a broader range of FE hacking nuances than SF. And it’s more aesthetically pleasing.
Also, you commented in the TQL thread on SF, so you must be a pretty cool dude.

Thanks man. I try to be. The TQL thread in SF hasn’t been updated in a while though.