Hello everyone

I’m from Spain and it has been a long time since I last joined an english speaking community so my english might be a bit rusty, feel free to ask me to repeat myself if need be.

About 3 years ago youtube recommended me some FE hacking videos, from there I joined Serenes Forest and started reading some tutorials, I made two or three chapters to learn a bit but it didn’t last long, mostly because real life things happened and I just didn’t have the time and energy to do anything really.

Now that things are going better for me I’ve decided to give it a try again, I could go back to Serenes but this place seems nicer really (not that I have anything against Serenes).

I guees what I knew is kinda outdated now? And it’s not like I remember everything anyway so I should read some tutorials again, if anyone can link me the go-to tutorial for getting started or something that would be nice.
I was thinking about getting into asm too and I’ve been reading some stuff already but some guide for that would be nice as well. I was also thinking about joining the discord server, maybe later today or tomorrow.



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hello friend



(Because discourse wants me to be a bit more informative, hi!)


Welcome! ^ш^ Your English is fine.