Hello Everyone! Hello Feuniverse!

Hello, This is not my first post, so, yeah, thought i’d get that out of the way, anyway,

Hello Feuniverse!!! “Yelling intensifies” Ahhhh!!! I’m so excited to be here! I’ve been working on a FE8 hack for roughly two month’s at this point, so, hoping to get some feedback on any of my idea’s if I need an opinon, so, that’ll be fun.

So as my username suggest’s, I love Mega Man! And Fire emblem too! I loooooove FE6 TOO DEATH!!!

FE7 is a VEEEEERRRY close second, but, FE6’s unique feel just draw’s me back in every time.

I’ve played all of the GBA games, I beat FE6: 1 Time(s) FE7: 4 Time(s) and FE8: 3 Time(s)

and currently playing though FE9 and having a blast!

So, yeah, I hope I have a great time, I am so far, and I hope that I do more in the future.

Love you all- MegaCowsamMan


Edit: I know you might find it a bit strange that I beat FE7 way more times then FE6 well.

I started with FE7 it was my first fire emblem game, then sacred stones, then binding blade, then path of radiance, and, well, there was a big time gap between FE8 and FE6, and FE7 was my prefered choice, sooo…

Oh and I don’t want to brag, but, uh, on my third playthough, I beat FE8 with just Gilliam! since he’s my fav unit gameplay wise and my fav class is the knight class! dat knight crit just get’s me every time!
(story wise, i’d say Louise From FE7)


Hey there! :raised_hand:

I’m glad to see you’re having fun. I envy you so hard for playing through Path of Radiance for the first time. I would really like to delete my memories of it in regards to the characters and the story, and start fresh. FE7 too!
When the latter had no videos on Youtube about its many plotholes, back in 2014 when I first played it, I had a blast the whole way through.

Hope the progress with your hack is going well.:+1:

Thank’s! I’m excited to see what FEuniverse has in store for me.


wait, strike that, reverse the FE game placement’s. lol!


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