Hello everybody!

Just wanted to make a small introduction…

I’ve been small time lurking for some years and last year I got into actually making my own hack through FEBuilder. So, I thought I’d finally join up and maybe someday share my hack with the rest of you.

I’ve been into FE since 2008, I think. Favourite game is PoR and I generally like the Tellius games the most. All in all, I just really like FE, but also a lot of other JRPGs…

Well, that’s all. Nice to meet ya, everyone.


Hello there! I personally haven’t played Tellius but I know most of the people who did think very highly of it, I look forward to seeing what sort of hack you got cooking!


Nice to meet you, man. Good luck with your projects.

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Welcome, best of luck on the hack! Hope you have fun!

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