Hello all, Alexander found this place

Yes, hello. I very recently found the FEBuilder hacking tool, and after nearly 8 years of only using FEeditor and Nightmare to hack, my goodness this tool is a breath of fresh air. I’ve always been a very visual learning sort of guy, so nightmare was a tedious slog as a result. I forced myself to get good at it over the 7 years, but now I don’t have to anymore, YAY!

Coughs to get back on track Anyway, yes. When I found the tool I also found this community, so I figured “hey, these guys seem cool, why not join in on the fun?”. So I have. I have next to no artistic talent whatsoever and can’t sprite to save my life, but eh. Been mostly working on a personal hack of FE8, FE7, and FE6 (though mostly focussing on FE8 now that I have this tool), that doesn’t change the story at all in any way, but rebalances basically everything about the weapons, items, shops, what enemies have, characters, multiclassing, the fact that literally every enemy drops an item, ect ect. Enough jibber jabbering on my part, I want to hear what you guys have to say now :slightly_smiling_face:


Nightmare and FEditor weren’t being used for at least 2 years before FEBuilder showed up though. FEBuilder does make it easy for anybody to just jump in but don’t assume that’s what everyone is using (which it looked like you were doing in your other post).

Also, it’s “etc”, not “ect”, “et cetera”, not… “ec tetera”?
Anyway, welcome.

I wasn’t assuming that, sorry if it seemed that way. I was saying it was nearly 8 years of me only using FEeditor and Nightmare. ^^;;

image I was refering to this, you never specify which tool you are using.

Oh, Sorry. I will be more specific next time.

Ignore them

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.


Thank you, I will try. :smile:


Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here.


Welcome! If you need help with FEBuilder, suggest you join the discord as the community is usually able to answer questions quickly.


You don’t need to apologize to them. Most people here are a lot more friendly! Anyways, welcome, and hope you have fun with FEBuilder and discovering all this community has to offer!