Hayato´s Sprites

Hello everyone!! This is my first post and what better to show some of my “”“beautiful”"" sprite´s.
(I am not a really good spriter but I try… I think xdd)

(Sorry for my bad english, but my native language is the spanish)

hayatolord 02 Emiliana Kalt 01 Klein Semira 03 Sofia Hayato

image image


Even if your sprites aren’t super pretty or super good, I admire that you decided to put your work out there and some of these sprites don’t look too bad. Yes there are obvious flaws but not every artist begins drawing god tier pixel art.

The one I like the most is the redhead mage girl. Her design is simple but it works.


Thanks for the reply, now I know that things really can be sprites xD. And the red haired girl is my favorite of them too : D

What Blade said. Honestly, it takes a lot of courage for people to post their work when they’re just beginning. Hell, even I erased most of my old stuff off the face of the earth by this point.

Just keep practicing, and ask for critique. Do some research too if you’ve got the time to invest. It’ll take a while, but you’ll improve. Good luck in the future, man!


Thanks bro! Now I am more motivated to create new one’s!!

Good to hear, man! Honestly, if you want to improve, you should join the Fire Emblem Universe discord. It’s where I learned most of what I know. Well, before I moved over to SALVAGED, anyways, but that’s not open to most people.

People there are usually quick about critiquing and generally know what they’re talking about. For the most part. Somewhat. Eh… good luck.

I’m already in the discord server, so I will try check for help. Dont matters if the people says my work is bad, because that helps me to improve my “work”.

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