Having difficulty editing scripted battle (FE8)

I’ve been trying to change the scripted battle in chapter 4 where Artur is attacked by a Mogul. I’ve changed him to a female cleric, so he can’t fight back against the monster. Therefore in the scripted event, I want him to merely be attacked once, and not retaliate. I’ve managed to do everything so far except change the scripted battle.

_SETVAL 0xD 0x0
_SETVAL 0x1 0x0
_SETVAL 0x1 0x10000
_SETVAL 0xB 0x30009
FIG1 0x13 0xFFFF 0x3F
_SETVAL 0xB 0x30009
_0x342D 0xFFFE
_0x342E 0xFFFE
_SETVAL 0x2 0x89F1C80
GOTO label35
CUMO 0x1

Apparently this is the code for the scripted battle, but I’m not familiar with the coding, nor do I know how to change it. Can anyone help?

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