Haven't touched romhacking in 4 months

Anyone else taking these long breaks?


nah just you

nah just you

me too

sounds gay lmao

Oh, okay. Good to know.

yes i have

Depending on my mood, personal situations and the university I usually have periods of stopping advancing in my hack for weeks, the longest I think it was like 3 months
TL;DR: yes, i have

same cause of college

4 months is pittance. I took a year and a half.

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I procrastinate way too much, does that count?

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I’ve been working full time and have a social life now so I haven’t hacked in years lmao


Does claiming to try to and never actually doing anything count?

1 year and a half is pittance.


It’s prob jus you fam

Just you. Before the last half year I went about 8 years without touching any of my projects. Recently wanted to get a chapter of dark’ness emblem done a month but I haven’t touched the cancerous project since I released it unto the world. Why return to college when you can hack the FEs

Me too, i had to work for my government for 480 hours for free to get my degree