Hacking lessons that took you way too long to learn

Table vs List

wizards are now required to know the difference between a table and list. I single handedly improved the quality of all wizards :sunglasses:

Post the hacking lessons you’ve been slow to learn, or admit things you’re still confused about, despite having had it explained to you before.


when i was but starting out one of the things i had trouble with was using patches, i remembered annoying 7743 cause i couldn’t figure out how to use the distinct animation for character patch, to this day i still don’t know how that works, instead i made an entire copy class just cause i wanted erika to look different than her usual class. Also, no unit palette didn’t work here because the battle animation her classes use come from 3 separate animation which have different color slots.


Looping music, It took me way too long to figure why it wasn’t working,
That and how too install a Modular Minimug box

I’ll be using this question thread as a mini google. Is there a way to convert rar files into a zip file? I downloaded a reskin of Roy’s sprite to replace it with he’s mounted promotion sprite in FE6:PE because I don’t like Roy being Eliwood 2.0, but the file is in rar format.

That changing the actual class is not how you’re supposed to change a characters class.


It took an embarrassing amount of time to learn that maps like this doesn’t look so good and isn’t so fun to play.

Use more varied terrain and spread out your forests folks.