Hacking is Brutal

I seriously need help from a pro. I’m some 13 year old kid who thought I could press a few buttons and eventually learn everything, like Zelda hacking. But no, this is SUPER HARD. It seems no matter WHAT I do, an Error message will ALWAYS appear, no matter how hard I try to fix it. I feel Pathetic. Please help me

We’re getting there! The Zelda community is much larger and older than ours, so forgive us if we haven’t quite worked out all the growing pains in our tools.

That being said, it’ll be difficult to provide help if without any particular information about what you’re having trouble with – the best advice I can give you right now is “try doing the thing a different way”, which I’d imagine isn’t particularly useful.

If you want help about the error message, it would be nice to know what that error message actually is.

If you want help about feeling pathetic, then :tada:you can do it :tada:

Hello there!..I’m 14 myself and I know how you feel, it’s all very overwhelming and scary at first, but you’re in luck, as there’s a lot of cool people on here willing to help you…if you’re willing to work for it, that is. Feel free to ask anything and I suggest joining the Discord server, it’s the perfect way to meet all of the wonderful people and learn about our etiquette, traditions and participate in other activities, I hope I see you around…space cowboy.

Does the age really matter? I started learning hacking when i was 12(14 rn) and this has proved to be quite easy. Anyway since this isnt the point, let’s move on. I’d suggest you join the feu discord(https://discord.gg/6ZtfrMH) so that you can get help easier, as almost every holy wizards are on there.

As Cam said-- What was your error message? It’s not psosible to debug without information.


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Ah, yes. I started when I was 10.

Do include some specifics if you need help.
The more specific, the better.

We are here to help and no question goes unanswered so please ask away

yeah, considering your age, download nightmare and press buttons.


We’re going to be in retirement homes before FEXNA comes out


Going to be?! I already am! Grandfather Klok, that’s what they call me now!

Klok became senile after seeing the number of peeps who asks everyday when fexna is gonna come out

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…in my day… I waited for FEXNA. Now you crazy kids have enough of dem fancy gadgets and jimjams of freely work off of FE30 Echoes: Fragments of Elibe. Crazy kids. Its been 2000 years since we heard any development…

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wait for emblem magic its coming out in like a month and it has editors to make litteraly every part of hacking easy

Will it have a make hack button? feightpointfive is way overdue…

It has a save button that technically makes an hack

Hey i had that first to. im not very expierienced. what i recommend is just to mess around with an fe7 hack i made a lil hack on that and now i know how it works. i also recommend febuildergba its really simple to hack with that. i hope it was useful even tho it was to late