Hack where units start as generic but become full characters later?

Hi! I’m new to FEUniverse, so forgive me if I did anything wrong with the formatting of this message.

I was playing through Iron Emblem and Bandit Emblem and I thought it was super cool that all of the units in Iron Emblem and most in Bandit Emblem were generics (I love generics and get attached to them no matter what). And I was wondering if there were any hacks out there where units start out as generic, but over the course of the story they become full characters with portraits, personalities, and dialogue eventually. That way by the middle chapters of the hack it feels like everyone who is there rose from among the generics to become a full character.

The idea is really interesting to me but I don’t know a lot of the hacks out there and a simple search didn’t bring anything up. Is there any hack like that? (Or just more hacks that feature generic units?)



final fantasy tactics

there are quite a few SRPGs with heavily customizable/personality-giveable generics if you’re willing to leave the FE name specifically, although none that quite fit your request for giving them story relevance specifically


I have played both of those a lot and I think there are great, I just was thinking of a hack where “if x generic mercenary unit survives till chapter 3 it becomes Kyle a mercenary”

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Yeah there’s not really anything like that, due to dearth of generic characters, and if you have generic characters, the point is usually that they are generic, not that they get to promote to “real” characters. Changing a character’s name is also kinda awkward to do.


Feels like an oxymoron to me. If they are generic that’s what they are, they can’t also be story characters and vis versa.

But you can write a bunch of story characters who are rising up the ranks to become important. Many hacks do attempt this, but because the story focus is on them, they don’t feel like generics.

Pinocchio the FEGBA Hack: “I wanna be a real boy” is what you’re looking for