Hack progresses (how do you make titles?-)

Heeeeeeeeeeere’s the link

The hack reached a total of 8 chapters! yay

  • What’s new?
    The shade tome got a reaver effect + 10 crit;
    Blank starts with E rank dark magic;
    Blank has a new class, it’s actually just a shaman with different name and skills;
    Change the unit stat’s background;
    Piikae’s personal skill has been changed to reposition since it seems like solidarity didn’t work.

That’s it for changes. Warning there are some placeholder portraits and one playable character (Wynter) is not completed.
There are a lot of typos, and death quotes don’t show up.

Think about a name for the hack;
Finish the portraits + charcters;
Fix the death quotes problem;
Fix world map and world map events;
Add more custom items;
Add custom music;
Change the bgs;
Figure out how to change the chapter’s titles in-game.

Alright, that’s it for now guys, I’m also planning to make promoted units’ level cap at 30 instead of 20. I hope you’ll have fun!
I’m also thinking of opening portrait requests, but I think I’ll wait until chapter 10 is done.

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