Guess the character

PreFE6? Wasnt those ranks locked and you couldnt increase them? My guess is FE5 Leif?

Correct game. Another hint: Rides horses

yes, sorry I forgot about this thread :sweat_smile:

on that note, is there a slim chance that “anakin skytrotter” is Reyson? He fits the whole moody-emo chosen one/ no one understands my pain or immense power & I held my mother as she was killed by people whom I view as less than animals vibe.


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No, Reyson doesn’t “trot” the real answer rides a horse…

Oh that’s easy, it’s Roland glenbrook from Triangle Strategy! (That’s an FE spinoff right??)

Yeah, this is totally Sophia lol. That desert chapter sucked when I played FE6 for the first time.

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here’s one that might be too obvious: Arden on horse

Sophia is correct.

No, it’s Robert, the bow cavalier

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Ah Robert the Bruce lol