Growth_Mod patch does nothing?

I was toying with some of the Patches in FEBuilder that I had never used before, and I came across the Growth_Mod, which from my understanding is supposed to allow items or weapons to modify the growth rate of a unit (assuming the Passive Boost is turned on). In theory, this could be used to create items like FE9 equipment: Solider Band, Pegasus Band, Knight Ward, etc.

Playing around, I turned on the Growth_Mod flag, defined a new stat booster, updated the growths, turned on the passive boost flag.; however, when I tested the effect in game, I am not seeing any sort of resulting change in growth rate whatsoever. It’s like it does nothing. I tried on both held items and weapon too. Still nothing[ToggleMouthMove]…[ToggleMouthMove] (story of my life). It just functions as if no patch was added.

Am I missing something? Does this just not work as intended? Note: I do not have the SkillSystem tuned on, but it is not mentioned as a requirement, only the Passive Boost Patch.

I remember telling a similar story the other day.
See ngmanstion discord.
I think it’s working.

I am not sure where to look on Discord for this information or what is a ngmanstion. I also don’t have any interest in joining that Discord Community. If you say this works, I am sure it works.

I’m away from my computer and can’t check for sure, but I believe the growth_mod patch mentions something about a “34th byte” and “redo stat boosts” or something along those lines. I think you need to check in the “stat booster allocation” on the item menu and one of the options should say something like “growth_mod”. I remember it being in a different menu than where you set the passive boosts flag, but it’s been a while so I may be wrong. I think I had the same problem as you, but I managed to find it in one of the menus after a couple minutes of searching.

Thanks for chiming in, @Merpin. Finding it really isn’t the problem for me. I found it just fine and configured the growth rate increase; however, my expectation would be to notice a difference between level up with the item equipped and the item not equipped.

The following is an example I tried for shadowkiller (a weapon), I also tried a held item as well, and I tried both items and weapons with and without passive boosts. All the same result, which was no difference.

I can say that I am receiving the same stat bonuses on level regardless of whether I have the Shadowkiller equipped or not. Speed was never one of the levels too, which seemed counter intuitive given the 90% (presumably) increase.

Set unit growths to 0 and passive growths to 100. Do not test any other way.

Growths aren’t overflowing, are they? If you had a 170 spd growth unit with +90 passive growths, that would overflow to 5% growth, I believe.

The unit I tried it with has a 5% speed growth, so it wouldn’t really overflow. I tried other numbers as well, like 60% too. I can try again. though.

Yup. I tried a couple different numbers for this. It literally is the same result every time regardless if the weapon is growth or not.